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Welcome to Digital Tea

Digital Tea is a multimedia design project that explores alternative ways to control aspects of our local environment by tracking everyday objects. With these tracking methods we are able to create new spatial experiences through sound, lighting and projection, that the user can define and interact with. All new projects are coded with bespoke interactive functions and can involve any everyday objects as their stimulus, from patterns to colours and even people.

The aim of Digital Tea is to provide bespoke solutions and interactive controls for the total scope of our lighting and sound installations. By making each installation unique, we are offering ourselves and our clients all possibilities for future projects using the technology we have implemented.

Feedback from the outset at Tent London was very positive with enquiries from museums, galleries, interior designers, architects and events agencies, each with their own unique vision for using the Digital Tea concept. Digital Tea is a collaboration between 3 design studios based in east London;,, and Previous projects have included educational, advertising and artworks through to multi million pound architectural schemes.

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